HIITKICK challenge

Get ready for Summer with our 10-week Fitness Challenge! - Starting on Monday April 1, 2019

The photo on the left was taken right around when I started HIIT Kickboxing in August 2010. I was extremely overweight and barely worked out; I only agreed to come to 1 class because my mom kept asking me to come. I finally agreed and 1 class was all it took - I was hooked. I started coming two days a week and slowly two days a week became four days and now I come five days a week. I love the workouts and have become stronger and healthier (plus I have met some really amazing people along the way). The picture on the right is proof of the success I’ve had by attending these classes multiple times a week. Here’s to more sweat and workouts at HIIT Kickboxing!
— Reed N

Our program, and our 10 week challenge is made just for you and your goals! However, is not MAGIC. You will have to to work hard, eat clean, and crush your goals. The only thing we need from you is try your hardest and finish the full 10-weeks.

  • Limited Spaces

  • Any fitness level welcome (Including beginners)

  • Challenge starts April 1, 2019

  • Save over $100 with the special!


Join the Challenge

Our AMAZING challenge includes:

  • At least 4 classes a week

  • 10 weeks of classes

  • A new student evaluation *on Sunday March 31st*

  • Gloves

  • Personal jump rope

  • Nutrition planning

  • HIIT Tote Bag

  • HIIT Water Bottle

“All fitness levels are welcomed as modifications and progressions are clearly explained for every exercise. I absolutely LOVE this class, have been attending for several years now and feel more fit at age 41 than I have since I was a teenager!”
— Missy M
“I have been going to HIIT Kickboxing for over 1 year now and not only am I in the best shape of my life but I wake up everyday excited to go to class!”
— Jen W

10 Week Challenge Terms & Conditions:

  • Sign up for 8:30am, 9:30am, 5pm OR 7pm and stick to ONE time through out the 10 weeks.

  • Able to come to our facility at least 4 days per week.

  • Be able to work out in a group environment with men and women just like you!

  • Must be committed to making a change. This challenge is made to help you get into shape but YOU MUST put in the work!

  • Able to do the entire 10 weeks

  • Able to stay disciplined to stick to a nutrition plan

  • Able to come on Sunday March 31st between 9 - 12 for weigh in, before photo (will not be published anywhere without permission), measurements, nutrition plan, & equipment

  • Able to start on Monday April 1st

Glad to be part of the HIIT community! The instructors are knowledgeable, they monitor participation and will encourage you to push yourself. I’ve made great HIIT friends and yes, it is an intense work out but find the prevailing attitude is ‘we’re all in it together’. I highly recommend it!!
— Laurie T

HIIT Kickboxing classes

With a minimum of 4 group training sessions a week our HIIT program is proven to be the BEST fitness program around! It is diverse and focused on many fitness goals and objectives


We have a custom made for your body nutrition program, made for you by the Owner and Master Level personal trainer Paul DiRienzo. Everyone is different and needs their own nutrition numbers and goals! We make sure you are tracking your meals and eating meals you will enjoy.

Supportive team of coaches

All classes are lead by our inspiring fitness team to keep you motivated toward your goals. They will help keep you accountable!

Other benefits include: 

  • Fitness

  • Self-Confidence

  • Focus 

  • Discipline

... and MUCH more! 

Sign up for a GREAT opportunity! We know this could be be a life-changing challenge. In addition, it is an AWESOME introduction to one of the BEST activities you can do for yourself! 


Where are we Located?

19C Willow Street Natick MA

Contact for questions:

“Love it ! This is my favorite hour of my day”
— Adriana